Explore PRI Latin America

Launched in 2008 as the Brazil Network, the PRI’s first ever Network has since grown into the Latin America Network, serving dozens of signatories throughout the region.




  • May 3rd: São Paulo (Brazil)
    PRI & CDP "In Focus 2017 - The Fiduciary Duty" - Side-activity of Abrasca & CDP Conference 
  • May 4th: São Paulo (Brazil)
    3rd International Congress Abrasca  and CDP
  • September 25-27th: Berlin (germany)
    PRI in Person 2017
  • October 10th: São Paulo (Brazil)
    4th ESG LATAM 2017 - PRI & APIMEC

The PRI Latin America network currently has signatories in Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay and Mexico, which demonstrates that the region is moving towards a more sustainable economy and responsible investment is part of the agenda. 

The network remains most mature in Brazil, where long-standing relationships with industry associations continue to thrive, with ABVCAP, ABRAPP and APIMEC as networks supporters. One example is the annual “ESG Latam Conference” held in São Paulo, together with APIMEC. 

In Latin America, with the support from signatories, stock exchanges, industry associations and network supporters, like Programa de Inversión Responsable (PIR) in Peru, our goal is to use the successful experience in Brazil to expand and improve responsible investment in the region.


ESG Practices (Brazil):    
Based on ESG data analysis and engagements, promotes cooperation between companies and investors, seeking a change in corporate behaviour with respect to the management and disclosure of ESG issues, as well as help signatories on ESG integration in their investment analysis and monitoring.

RI in Pension Funds - PRI & Abrapp (Brazil):    

In partnership with Abrapp’s CTNSUS (National Technical Sustainability Committee), it aims to analyse and develop materials to help increase ESG integration by Pension funds, based on national regulation and practices, as well as international benchmarks. The group will work on how to improve existing regulation and how to implement ESG integration and responsible investment on selection, appointment and monitoring of third party managers.