The PRI is inviting signatories to join its Corporate Reporting Reference Group.

Signatories regularly report to the PRI that a lack of consistent and comparable ESG data is a substantial barrier to their responsible investment practice.

The PRI’s Driving Meaningful Data programme is a key PRI Blueprint target and works on the types of data, sources and reporting frameworks needed to support responsible investors, both in their risk and return investment decision-making and in considering wider sustainability outcomes. This work includes advocating for the provision of consistent data by all relevant economic actors and on all relevant activities, as well as addressing gaps identified in the Driving Meaningful Data Framework. The overall aim is to encourage and support standard setters, regulators and practitioners in their efforts to harmonise corporate ESG reporting on ESG risks and opportunities and the sustainability performance of corporate entities.

This requires collaboration with others across the financial and corporate sectors as well as standard setters, policy makers and regulators. The PRI has an important role in working with our signatories, a key user group, to provide a clear and coordinated signal on their data needs, how they aid decision-making and understanding their contribution towards sustainability objectives.

The Corporate Reporting Reference Group (CRRG) provides an avenue for signatory engagement on these important issues. The PRI is aiming to maintain a fair representation of its signatory base within this group (asset owner, investment manager, geographic location) as well as ensuring a high level of diversity.

If you are interested in joining, please review the PRI CRRG Terms of Reference for an overview of members’ roles and commitments.

Participation requirements

  • Available to start anytime from May 2022 onward, for a two-year term
  • Five to six hour-long conference call meetings per year
  • Active participation in consultations on PRI’s work and positioning on corporate sustainability reporting developments

Group members are appointed by the PRI based on the following criteria

  • PRI signatory (members join the group in their capacity as representatives of their organisations)
  • Demonstrable expertise in the area of corporate reporting and the use of ESG information in the investment process
  • Interest and ability to contribute expertise on the diverse aspects of corporate reporting
  • Ability to allocate time

To apply, please complete this application form.

For any questions, please contact