The PRI is inviting its signatories to join the newly formed Corporate Reporting Reference Group.

The PRI Board and Executive have identified ‘better’ corporate reporting as one of the key objectives in its PRI Blueprint (‘Driving meaningful data throughout markets’). As a global organisation of responsible investors, the PRI can and will play a role to:

  • Improve the quality of corporate ESG reporting
  • Stimulate convergence in (corporate) reporting standards
  • Contribute to the development of a standard for SDG/impact measurement and reporting
  • Support innovations in incorporation of ESG-issues in financial accounting
  • Engage with policymakers and regulators related to the beforementioned issues.

Please review the PRI Corporate Reporting Reference Group (CRRG) Terms of Reference for an overview of the members’ roles and commitments. The PRI does its best to maintain a fair representation of the PRI signatory base in the CRRG.

Participation requirements

  • Available to start from June 2019 for a two-year term
  • Four to five 60-90-minute conference call meetings per year
  • Of those meetings – at least one in-person meeting per year and
  • Available for consultation with the PRI in relation to the development and progress of the PRI’s work on corporate reporting.

Group members are appointed by the PRI based on the following criteria

  • Is a PRI signatory (members join the group in their capacity as representatives of their organizations)
  • Demonstrable expertise in the area of corporate reporting and the use of corporate reporting by investors
  • Interest and ability to contribute expertise on the diverse aspects of corporate reporting
  • Proactive participation and ability to allocate time
  • The aim is to have a group with adequate diversity (gender, asset owner, investment manager, geographic diversity).

The deadline for application is Friday 31 May. Please send your application to with:

  • A short bio of the person applying (300 words max)
  • A short explanation of the applicant’s role within their organisation (150 words)
  • Why they would like to join the CRRG (150 words) and
  • Details of any relevant industry associations they already participate in.

Keep updated

For any questions about the group and its objectives, contact