Astarte Capital Partners (Provisional Signatory)

Signatory Category: Investment Manager

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Assets under management: AUM 0.1 - 0.99


Astarte is a specialist alternatives co-investment platform with a focus on the real assets space. Astarte’s strategy is to partner with experienced real asset operators in order to establish specialist asset managers in different sub-sectors. Astarte invests as a long-term partner alongside seasoned operating teams in order to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns while generating stable and growing cash flows for its investors.

In particular, Astarte’s Innovative co-investment model allows:

Higher alignment of interest at all levels, (1) between Astarte and the investors and (2) between Astarte and the real asset operator’s teams
Early cash flow generation to investors even before the end of the investment period based on asset management revenue sharing
Strong co-investment rights at the strategy and asset level as well as opt-out rights at the strategy level

Astarte identifies and partners with experienced real asset operators in order to establish institutional standard specialist asset management businesses in niche real asset strategies that target private equity-type returns. We combine our experience of building multi-billion niche asset management businesses with the know-how of established real asset operators with strong track record in the specific sector.

The Astarte model separates the capital invested into capital used to generate performance and capital used to fund the growth of the GP. Astarte does not charge any fees (management or carry) on the capital utilised to generate performance and is sharing the profitability of the capital used for the growth of the underlying manager.

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Stavros Pavlidis

Stavros Siokos

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