Why policy?

  • Public policy critically affects the ability of institutional investors to generate sustainable returns and create value. It also affects the sustainability and stability of financial markets, as well as social, environmental and economic systems.
  • Policy engagement by institutional investors is therefore a natural and necessary extension of an investor’s responsibilities and fiduciary duties to the interests of beneficiaries.
  • Across the world’s 50 largest economies, the PRI finds that there have been over 730 hard and softlaw policy revisions, across some 500 policy instruments, which support, encourage or require investors to consider long-term value drivers, including ESG factors. 


Source: The PRI’s Global guide to responsible investment regulation

Cumulative number of policy interventions per year

Further discussion on sustainable finance policy is set out in the PRI’s white paper, “Taking stock: Sustainable finance policy engagement and policy influence” (2019).

PRI policy process

The PRI actively engages with public policy where relevant to our Principles and Mission.

In doing so, the PRI:

  • will respond to policy consultations, where relevant;
  • will not seek to represent the views of the whole signatory base or indicate that research or recommendations represent the views of signatories collectively;
  • will base its comments on high-quality research containing well-considered arguments and proposals that are rigorously defendable;
  • may make recommendations for policy makers.

The PRI will not engage in policy activities intended to broadly support a specific national or sub-national political party or parties.

Policy consultations

In responding to policy consultations, the PRI will:

  • publish the consultation on the PRI Collaboration Platform;
  • encourage signatories to provide feedback;
  • share policy positions with the Global Policy Reference Group;
  • publish completed consultations, technical briefings and policy-related research to the PRI website.

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The PRI also hosts webinars, events and panel discussions on responsible investment policy and regulation.


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How signatories can get involved

The PRI encourages signatories to participate in policy activity.

Information sharing

  • Proactively share policy updates, identify comment opportunities and suggest positioning relevant to responsible investment.
  • Provide comment and feedback on policy consultations.
  • Provide comment and feedback on the PRI’s policy programme.

Global Policy Reference Group

The PRI hosts a Global Policy Reference Group. The aim of the group is:

  • to inform and strengthen PRI’s and our signatories’ public policy engagement on responsible investment topics;
  • to encourage greater alignment between our signatories’ responsible investment commitments and public policy efforts;
  • ultimately, a regulatory environment aligned with the PRI’s Mission and six Principles.

The group is first and foremost an email exchange of information on policy, regulation and soft-law initiatives that encourage or require responsible investment. All email exchanges are confidential and should not be forwarded. Policy professionals at PRI signatories are welcome to join the group. The current membership is listed on our advisory committee page.


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  • Incorporate responsible investment objectives in your policy activity.
  • Proactively share invitations to meetings or events with policy makers to discuss responsible investment.
  • Join the PRI in meeting with policy makers on responsible investment topics.

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