PRI launches “how to” video on CDC ESG toolkit for private equity fund managers

LONDON, 14 December 2016 


The PRI today launched a “how to” video on the CDC ESG Toolkit for Fund Managers

The Toolkit is a highly valued and free-to-use, publicly available resource for fund managers that are proactively addressing how to factor ESG considerations throughout the investment cycle.

The Toolkit aims to be both a practical building block for the development of a customised ESG management system, and an easy-to-use reference guide for assessing and managing ESG risks, impacts and opportunities. The new web-enabled version, released in June 2015, is designed to be more accessible, easier to navigate and thoroughly cross-references other industry guidance. It is also regularly updates as practices and standards evolve.

The PRI has developed this short video (less than 15 minutes) to demonstrate exactly how PRI signatories can use the Toolkit to best effect when developing their own approaches to responsible investment in private equity.

Fiona Reynolds, Managing Director of the PRI, remarks:

 “The CDC ESG Toolkit is widely applicable to all private equity fund managers and we are pleased to recommend it as an invaluable resource for our signatories working in this sector. The PRI must applaud CDC for their industry leadership in developing this publicly available resource and building understanding and capacity for responsible investment practice globally.”

CDC is the UK government-owned development finance institution. CDC’s mission is to support the building of businesses throughout Africa and South Asia, to create jobs and making a lasting difference to people’s lives in some of the world’s poorest places. Over the past year, the Toolkit has been used by well over 5,000 individuals from the UK, the US and Europe as well as India, China, Japan, Russia, SE Asia, Latin America and Africa—in short, all over the globe and well beyond the footprint of CDC’s own GPs. It should prove a useful resource to all private equity investors, regardless of whether they are working in developed or emerging markets investments.

For more information, contact:

Joy Frascinella
Head of PR, PRI
+44 (0) 20 3714 3143