The PRI will launch its first discussion paper on ESG in VC later this year. The paper will share insights from interviews with industry practitioners and a survey involving over 100 venture capital firms. In addition, it will outline the factors driving VC managers’ interest in ESG, provide an overview of current approaches to ESG, and layout some potential next steps for PRI in this asset class.

Following the launch of the discussion paper, we are planning on publishing a series of case studies on ESG integration and broader responsible investment topics in VC and we are inviting PRI signatories to submit case studies to the collection. These case studies will play an essential role in showcasing best practices and facilitating knowledge sharing.

We are particularly interested in publishing case studies that include examples of:

  • Successful systematic incorporation of environmental, social and governance issues in the investment process of a venture capital fund
  • Examples of how LPs incorporate ESG into their VC allocations (e.g., how they appropriately tailor their ESG due diligence and monitoring process to VC)
  • How ESG can be appropriately tailored to (startup) companies at various stages, from seed investment to Series C and beyond
  • ESG value creation work at startups as part of their portfolio management (e.g., providing startups with ESG expertise, tools (e.g. ESG policy) or training, assisting with strategic ESG initiatives, etc.)
  • Leading practice in terms of supporting the implementation of a code of conduct (this might contain best-in-class anti-harassment/diversity policies, whistleblowing procedures, and DEI initiatives) within startups (and/or VC funds)
  • The establishment of sound governance & culture within startups
  • Given the recent Amnesty International report and the PRI’s strategic focus on human rights, we are also seeking case studies focussing on the management of human rights-related risks
  • Examples of where/how VCs invest for sustainability outcomes, e.g. real-world impact (in alignment with global sustainability goals and thresholds such as those set by the Paris Agreement on climate, the Sustainable Development Goals, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights).

To register your organisation’s interest in submitting a case study and/or to request additional information about the case study series, please contact us via email briefly outlining your initial ideas for a case study. We would appreciate responses by Friday, October 22nd.