Overview of the Reporting & Assessment Review

As part of our 10-year Blueprint for responsible investment – looking at how to take responsible investment forward over the next decade – we committed to undertake an extensive review of our current reporting and assessment process between 2018 and 2021.

The aim of the review is to ensure that the PRI’s reporting and assessment:

  • has clear objectives of how it will contribute to driving change in the investment industry;
  • is fit for purpose;
  • remains relevant to evolving responsible investment practices;
  • is useful for signatories and the responsible investment market.

A unique opportunity to shape the Reporting Framework over the next five to 10 years, the review covers the Reporting Framework itself, as well its various outputs and tools, within the broader context of the responsible investment and ESG reporting landscape, and the requirement to drive more meaningful data throughout markets.


This guidance provides an overview of the structure and flow of the new Reporting Framework. This document is the first in a series of guides to help signatories understand its main characteristics and to prepare for the reporting cycle.  

Read more about the 2021 PRI reporting framework: Overview and structure


Update webinars

We encourage you to listen to one of our webinars to hear more about how PRI Reporting is evolving. The recorded webinars serve as an update on the overall Reporting and Assessment review, outline the results from the second consultation phase, answer some important questions raised by signatories, and provide more detail on the ‘core’ and ‘plus’ module and the new Reporting Framework structure.

Signatories can watch the following recorded webinars:

For more recorded webinars visit BrightTalk.

Timeline for the Reporting & Assessment review



2020 Consultation: phase two

During the second consultation phase, signatories had the opportunity to indicate their level of support for the proposal of what a new Reporting and Assessment framework could look like. The second consultation paper identifies the main objective of the Reporting and Assessment Framework, presents three guiding points of how to develop the Framework in order to support the main objective, and details the PRI’s proposal. The proposal was heavily based on signatory feedback during the first consultation phase, with oversight from the PRI Board and support from the Reporting and Assessment Advisory Committee.

In total, 267 signatories participated in the consultation, representing 9% of our signatory base. Please download the signatory consultation paper and the summary of the 2020 consultation results below:

2019 Consultation: phase one

As a first step of the review, the PRI undertook a signatory consultation between March and June 2019 to guide us on the future direction of reporting and assessment. In total, over 580 signatories participated in the consultation, representing 24% of our signatory base. Please download the signatory consultation paper and the summary of the 2019 consultation results below:

 Investor Survey PDF
 Service Provider Survey PDF
 Summary of the 2019 consultation results

R&A review FAQs: August 2020 update