What is the purpose of the PRI Awards?

As well as looking at the overall performance of signatories, we want to highlight specific examples of best practice from exceptional projects in specific categories, and to recognise activities that are not captured in the Reporting Framework.

The PRI Awards will recognise these pieces of work, and share their stories to educate and inspire other signatories.

How are the PRI Awards judged?

A panel of independent judges scores each entry against a range of publicly available, category-specific, weighted criteria. The 2020 judges were:

  • Jean-François Boulier, AF2I
  • Patricia Crifo, Université Paris Nanterre
  • Tracey Davies, Just Share
  • Sean Gilbert, GIIN
  • Ilmi Granoff, ClimateWorks Foundation
  • Tetsuo Kitagawa, Tokyo Metropolitan University
  • Keith Lee, WWF
  • Paul Lee, Independent
  • Jon Lukomnik, IRRC Institute
  • Takeshi Mizuguchi, Takasaki City University of Economics
  • Bouchra M’zali, UQAM & CRG-ESCA
  • Kyoko Narita, CDP Japan
  • Hiroshi Nonomiya, Social Investment Partners
  • Brynn O’Brien, ACCR
  • Matt Orsagh, CFA
  • Thierry Philipponnat, Finance Watch
  • Henri Servaes, London Business School
  • Laura Starks, University of Texas
  • Rory Sullivan, Chronos Sustainability
  • Debra Tan, China Water Risk
  • David Wood, Harvard

Can I enter the PRI Awards?

To be eligible for the PRI Awards, an organisation must be a PRI signatory. We welcome nominations of collaborative projects where at least 50% of participants are PRI signatories, and where the person submitting the entry represents a signatory organisation.

Where can I read the 2020 winning and shortlisted projects?

These can be found here.

I have a different question.

Please feel free to reach out to us: leadership@unpri.org