The PRI Awards recognise individually excellent projects conducted by signatories of all sizes, specialisms and levels of development.

The PRI Awards are a great opportunity for all signatories to learn from each other’s successes, as all the winning and shortlisted case studies are published on the PRI website.

In the last year, the PRI has conducted a global signatory consultation – PRI in a Changing World  – to explore key issues for the future of responsible investment; the PRI’s vision, mission and purpose; and the value we provide to signatories. We are still exploring the implications of this work for our priorities going forward, and as such we believe it is appropriate to put the PRI Awards on hold for a year. Prior to the 2024 edition of the Awards, we will conduct a full review of all categories and criteria to ensure that these reflect contemporary responsible investment best practice.

Click here to see the winners of the PRI Awards 2022.