Associate membership gives potential asset owner signatories a stepping stone into responsible investment. 

It offers associate members a chance to familiarise themselves with the PRI framework and agenda whilst taking on fewer reporting obligations and without the publicity of regular PRI membership. The focus is on learning about ESG and developing responsible investment processes in preparation for becoming a regular signatory.

  • Associate membership is only available to asset owners
  • Tenure is limited to a two-year period after which regular signatory status will be obtained automatically
  • Reporting will be voluntary and private - assessment results will be provided if associate members complete full reporting for all applicable modules
  • Associate members can transfer to regular signatory status at any point
  • Current or former signatories will not be considered for Associate Membership
  • Applicants based in emerging markets will automatically be granted the 33% emerging market discount


  • Payment of standard fee
  • CEO/CIO sign off on declaration

Access and rights

  • Newsletters
  • Direct relationship with local PRI representative
  • Access to online Investment Practices tools
  • Access to one free PRI Academy course
  • Access to annual reporting (voluntary)
  • Assessment results (if completing full reporting)
  • Reporting support and development session with the PRI
  • No access to Data Portal
  • No access to Collaboration Platform
  • No voting rights
  • Not eligible for PRI governing positions
  • Not allowed to use the PRI logo

If you have any questions about the associate membership category, please contact

To apply please complete the associate membership application form and declaration for associate members and send to