Interactive charts: 2017 findings

Selecting, appointing and monitoring managers

Find out what the common and advanced practices on manager selection, appointment and monitoring are based on the responses from over 300 asset owners. The interactive charts allow users to tailor the findings by region and asset owner group.

Our interactive charts on manager selection, appointment and  monitoring bring out the current trends on: 

  • How does the asset allocation strategy differ between pension funds and insurers?
  • How much is invested in emerging markets?
  • What are the most common policy components?
  • What documents do asset owners evaluate as part of manager selection?
  • What criteria are used to monitor managers?
  • How many asset owners are setting incentives and controls as part of appointment?
  • To what degree are asset owners willing to move their assets to managers with better responsible investment practices?

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ESG incorporation in listed equities

Our listed equity incorporation interactive report highlights main practices and answers questions such as: 

  • How much is invested in active and how much in passive investments?
  • Is screening, integration or a combination of them more popular?
  • How much is the average portfolio universe reduced by including ESG factors in screening or integration?

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ESG incorporation in fixed income

Our interactive charts on fixed income ESG incorporation practices and engagement on directly managed bonds answer the following questions:

  • How much AUM is invested in each fixed income category?
  • What are the preferred ESG incorporation strategies and for what AUM do they account for?
  • How do investors integrate ESG analysis as part of the investment process?
  • How common is it to benchmark ESG analysis against other providers for quality? 
  • What is the percentage of fixed income assets that are engaged on?
  • What criteria investors use to select their engagements?

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Active ownership in listed equity

Our interactive charts on active ownership practices in listed equity bring out the current trends on:

  • How common is it to set specific objectives for the majority of engagements?
  • What methods do signatories typically use to monitor their engagements?
  • Is insight from engagements shared with portfolio managers?
  • Are managers using their clients’ voting policy to make voting decisions?
  • To what extent are service provider recommendations reviewed?

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*These charts are based on the full dataset – including private responses as far as possible – which are aggregated for the purpose of sharing the data. Users can only see the aggregate responses. In some cases some private responses have been removed from the analysis where it would be possible my proves of elimination to identify the response of a single signatory.

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