In 2019, the PRI released Active Ownership 2.0, a framework for the more ambitious stewardship needed to deliver against beneficiaries’ interests and improve the sustainability and resilience of the financial system. Under this framework, investors use their influence to shape sustainability outcomes by engaging in more effective and assertive stewardship activities.

As part of this work programme, we will be focussing on providing investors with practical examples of how they can align to this framework. As the first step, we are seeking case study submissions from asset owners, investment managers and service providers that showcase an activity or practice that is aligned to Active Ownership 2.0.

The case study should showcase how the investor or service provider:

  • Shapes sustainability outcomes through their stewardship activities
  • Uses a broad range of levers or tools to achieve their stewardship objectives
  • Prepares to escalate their efforts where it has been unsuccessful

In addition, it would be desirable to include how the investor or service provider:

  • Engages with other decision-makers (beyond investee companies) such as policy makers to shape sustainability outcomes
  • Coordinates and/or initiates collaboration with other investees where this strengthens their efforts
  • Includes the views of stakeholders (such as NGOs, beneficiaries and affected stakeholders) in their stewardship activities

Examples do not need to be limited to corporate engagement. We welcome case studies that focus on other stewardship activities, such as: voting; using direct roles on investee boards and committees to influence investees; participation in coalitions; engagement with policy makers and standard setters; contributing to public goods (such as research); engagement with service providers or investment managers in the investment chain; shareholder litigation; and contributing to public discourse and advocacy.

We particularly welcome case studies on asset classes beyond listed equity, and on stewardship in emerging markets.

If you believe you have a case study which meets the above criteria, please email, with a few short lines on the case study.