The PRI Academic Research programme aims to engage and inform signatories and responsible investment practitioners with academic research that analyses current thinking and future trends, provides practical recommendations and is thought-provoking.

RI Quarterly extracts the essentials and distils key findings from research in a clear and concise manner for investment professionals.

Academic Network Conference 2019: highlights

Many of the articles in this edition come from our recent Academic Network Conference held in Paris. This was our largest conference to date, attended by 58 academics from 46 institutions, alongside 58 investors.

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Encouraging responsible tax behaviour: What investors need to know


Investors want to know their portfolio companies are paying taxes in line with their business activities, as aggressive tax planning costs governments billions of dollars of revenue, and creates market distortions in both developed and developing countries.

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Technology and ethics: what should investors consider?


Technology has improved our standard of living, but the rapid pace of development has also created ethical dilemmas for companies and poses significant challenges for regulatory bodies.


The future of responsible investment and modern portfolio theory


This is the winning essay of a student competition issued by the PRI on “How and where will millennials invest: the missing link between RI and financial education”. Shortlisted articles were presented by the students at PRI in Person 2018 in San Francisco. The authors are Saphira Rekker and Anne-Claire ...

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RI Quarterly vol. 8: Highlights from PRI In Person 2015

The Academic Network Conference was integrated with PRI in Person for the first time this year, with a full stream dedicated to academic research. Over 1,000 delegates from 35 countries attended PRI in Person, making it the largest ever responsible investment conference.

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RI Quarterly vol. 6: Focus on the PRI impact

It is my pleasure, as Chair of the Steering Committee of the Academic Network, to introduce this issue of RI Quarterly. The present issue centres on a topic that is close to all of us: the PRI itself. The articles below discuss the history, challenges, members and future direction of ...