Land use implications

Land use is both a driver and a solution to the climate crisis, yet it is absent from most scenario modelling which creates significant blind spots for investors. Explore one of the first models to fully integrate land use and uncover new investment opportunities in nature based solutions.

An investor guide to negative emission technologies and the importance of land use

As momentum towards net zero rises around the world, this report provides much needed transparency on the importance of land use and the role of Negative Emissions Technologies (NETs) in the transition to net zero.

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The inevitable forest finance response: investor opportunities

Forest finance, historically dominated by public sector support, will increasingly be delivered by the private sector. Recent innovations in green finance make private sector participation in the forest sector possible, while the sheer scale of forest recovery required make that participation necessary.

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The inevitable water finance response: investor risks and opportunities

Investors are not managing existing water risk, let alone taking advantage of upside opportunities through better water-related investment. Forward-looking investors will develop investment channels for sustainable and productive water management and fundamentally re-align how they understand water risks.

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