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The PRI provides tools and insight to international standard setters, policymakers and investors to advance progress towards a regulatory and investment environment that supports responsible investment. To hear more about our public policy work, contact us.

Global guide to responsible investment regulation

Global guide to responsible investment regulation

The first global study to analyse the impact of responsible investment-related public policy initiatives

Policy examples

Examples of responsible investment regulation from around the world

Much existing regulation takes the fundamental features of the financial system as given.

All markets. Average industry-adjusted MSCI ESG Rating score (out of 10)

How effective are corporate disclosure regulations?

Governments of 38 of the largest 50 economies in the world have, or are developing, disclosure requirements for corporations covering environmental, social and governance issues.

Average industry-adjusted MSCI ESG Rating score and investor-targeted policy instruments, split by market type (out of 10)

How effective are responsible investment investor regulations?

Pension fund regulation and stewardship codes are correlated to better company ESG risk management – though we can’t prove that regulation is responsible for the result.

Is regulation perceived as impactful?

Investors perceive some regulation as impactful – but not as much as our quantitative results suggest.

Regulation map

Mapping responsible investment policy

The PRI Regulation Map, covering 300 policy tools or market-led initiatives, indicates the nature of each rule, the year of implementation, the authority responsible, whether the measure is voluntary or mandatory and if it addresses ESG issues in isolation or in combination.

Briefings and consultations

Read briefings from the PRI on policy from around the world, and see the PRI's responses to public consultations.

Public policy engagement

The case for investor engagement in public policy cover

The case for investor engagement in public policy

Public policy critically affects the ability of long-term investors to generate sustainable returns and create value.

Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

TCFD country reviews cover

TCFD Recommendations: Country reviews


The PRI and Baker McKenzie undertook a review during mid-2017 of how the TCFD’s voluntary recommendations integrate into existing regulation and soft law in Brazil, Canada, the EU, Japan, the United Kingdom and the USA.

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Global Policy Reference Group

The Global Policy Reference Group allows the PRI and our signatories' policy professionals to exchange information on policy and regulation in real time, including policy proceses, such as regulatory consultations, hearings and implementation.

Members of the group can be found here