The following stock exchanges are members of the Net Zero Exchange Group, which is officially recognised by Race to Zero. The Net Zero Exchange Group is also part of the Net Zero Financial Service Providers Alliance within the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ). The Exchange Group’s Net Zero Target-Setting Guidance framework was officially approved in June 2023 by the UN Climate Change High-level Champions overseeing the Race to Zero campaign. This endorsement marked a milestone in the Group’s commitment to combating climate change and contributing to the global transition to a sustainable, net zero economy.

The UN SSE provides secretariat services to the NZFSPA – Exchange Group and will continue to work with the group to assist and guide them in the implementation phase. You can find out more by reaching out directly to the NZFSPA secretariat if you wish to join this group.


Net Zero: Target Setting Guidance for Exchanges

To make provision for the diversity of exchanges, their individual circumstances and growth in target setting against the backdrop of a rapidly advancing environment of climate action, flexibility is being retained as necessary in the approach to the targets and guidance contained in this document. As a result, the targets in this document capture a wide range of elements that align with the NZFSPA commitment. Guidance is provided on what the target entails, the timing of implementation and relevant disclosure aspects. From this guidance, individual exchanges should be able to generate individual targets while taking into account their particular circumstances. Although exchanges are expected to pursue all applicable targets in due course, implementation can take place in a progressive manner, on a proportionate basis and through phased implementation.

The Net Zero Target Setting Guidance for Exchanges and other publications by the SSE can be found here.