Developing how we work to better support signatories


185 substantive mentions in the mainstream press (PRI target: 60)

19 bylined articles (PRI target: 12)

11,112 shares across all our social media profiles (PRI target: 4,000)

We continue to position the PRI and our signatories as thought leaders on topics a range of ESG issues. In the past year, we have seen enhanced coverage of the PRI’s activities in France, Germany and Asia. We have also continued to focus on generating coverage in the US, one of our key markets.

Standout coverage

Financial Times, 200 large investors urge G7 to keep climate change promises

“With the US threatening to pull out of the Paris climate agreement next week, now is the time for investors to make their voices heard by encouraging governments to stand firm on their commitments to the accord.”

Fiona Reynolds, CEO

Financial Times: Investors wake up to outcry over unequal pay

“Society is calling on fund managers to be more engaged. The public is now more aware of wealth inequalities than they were before.”

Graeme Griffiths, director, global networks and outreach

Reuters: Peak oil? Majors aren’t buying into the threat from renewables

“We think it will be a real challenge for these companies to change their business models [to focus on renewables].”

Nathan Fabian, director, policy and research

Sydney Morning Herald: get active or get delisted

“You own the company, you need to get actively involved. It’s not that you are trying to run the company, it is not to say you can solve every problem in the world, but you can have an impact.”

Fiona Reynolds, CEO

South China Morning Post: contrarian extraordinaire? Jim Rogers says there’s upside in this Indonesian coal miner

“The reality is that fossil fuels will still be needed for several more decades. Divestment on a global scale simply isn’t an option without triggering serious volatility and asset price risks that will impact every fund and beneficiary.”

Fiona Reynolds, CEO

Le Figaro: climate des investissements menacés par la limitation du réchauffement

“Jusqu’à présent, les investisseurs dans des compagnies pétrolières et gazières étaient dans le noir concernant leur exposition au risque climatique.”

Nathan Fabian, director, policy and research


30% increase in Twitter followers

33% increase in LinkedIn followers

Supporting local markets

To support our rapidly-expanding signatory base effectively implement the Principles, we brought in additional resources in Beijing, London and The Hague, with plans to add network managers in Bogota, Madrid and Italy.

A new signatory relationship management programme saw us hold meetings with over 700 signatories to help them get more out of their PRI membership.

An engaged, passionate workforce


75% staff engagement score (PRI target: 70%)

9% staff turnover rate (2017: 14.3%)

The PRI has a committed workforce of over 100 people, with a presence across the world. The results of our 2017 staff survey showed that our people are highly engaged and have a real desire to not only support our global network of signatories, but to continue advancing responsible investment.

We maintained the same staff engagement score – 75% – as our last staff engagement survey in 2015. This is encouraging, particularly given the rapid growth we have sustained over the past three years, something that can often cause uncertainty or disruption.

Scores showing the extent to which our staff are personally motivated to help make the PRI succeed were extremely high – 89%. This is testament to the people we have in our organisation and our mission-driven culture. To this end, we were delighted to see the healthy improvement of our turnover rate – a drop from 14.3% to 9%.

Our action plan

Despite this overall positive picture, the survey results revealed areas for improvement. Scores showing how well staff feel able to develop were lower than desired – 69%. Internal communication also needs to be improved.

To counter this, we will:

  • encourage line managers to discuss learning and development needs more with direct reports;
  • fund significant training courses such as the CFA Institute designation and Masters degrees;
  • provide more opportunities for on-the-job development and identify more secondment assignments for staff.

To enhance internal communications, we:

  • have been developing a new HR system where all internal communications and development opportunities will be housed.

To ensure we keep abreast of how staff are feeling, we will start to run pulse surveys every year, as well as the staff satisfaction survey every two years. This will help us be more reactive to specific issues.

Leading by example

We’re committed to leading by example on the ESG front. For example:

  • We introduced a number of new HR policies including discipline, grievance, flexible working, dignity at work and whistleblowing.
  • Our gender pay gap is virtually zero and we constantly look for ways to champion gender equality. For example, we will introduce initiatives to make it easier for men to do more care-giving roles outside of work. Our CEO and board also rang the bell for gender equality at the London stock exchange on International Women’s Day.
  • Staff run environmental, human rights and employee engagement committees where they discuss and implement ways to effect positive change in the organisation.

GDPR compliance: ready for the new legislation

From 25 May, all companies that collect data on citizens in the European Union had to comply with strict new data protection rules. To ensure that we are GDPR-compliant, we:

  • implemented new policies for data protection, security and retention;
  • created an organisation-wide data retention policy;
  • introduced a process for accessing data;
  • launched staff awareness training.



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