Our aim over the next 10 years is to bring responsible investors together to work towards sustainable markets that contribute to a more prosperous world for all.

To mark the PRI’s 10-year anniversary in 2016, we undertook a series of initiatives to review progress so far and to create an ambitious and achievable vision for how the PRI and the wider responsible investment community should progress over the next 10 years. 

These activities culminated in the launch of A blueprint for responsible investment in 2017, setting the direction of our work for the 10 years ahead.

The PRI cannot solve the challenges the world faces – success relies on enabling our signatories to act.

An ambitious agenda

Through nine priority areas, we plan to tackle some of the most pressing ESG issues in the world today – from climate change to the barriers around a more sustainable financial system – leading to prosperous and inclusive societies for future generations.

We look forward to the day when all investment will be responsible.

In deciding which initiatives should be part of our 10-year vision, we asked: Would the initiative address an issue of importance to our signatories?

Over the next 10 years, the PRI will focus on the following areas of impact:


We will strengthen, deepen and expand our core work to lead responsible investors in their pursuit of long-term value and to enhance alignment throughout the investment chain.

1. Empower asset owners

2. Support investors incorporating ESG issue

3. Foster a community of active owners

4. Showcase leadership and increase accountability

5. Convene and educate responsible investors

responsible, adj. and n. (rᵻˈspɒnsᵻbl)

Being appointed to look after something. Answerable to another person for something. Morally accountable for one’s actions; capable of rational conduct. Deserving of credit (or blame) for something. Capable of fulfilling an obligation or duty; reliable, trustworthy, sensible. Of a practice or activity: carried out in a morally principled or ethical way.


We will address unsustainable aspects of the markets that investors operate in, to achieve the economically efficient, sustainable global financial system that responsible investors and beneficiaries need.

6. Challenge barriers to a sustainable financial system

7. Drive meaningful data throughout markets

sustainable, adj. (səˈsteɪnəbl)

Capable of being maintained or continued in the long term. Capable of being upheld or defended as valid, correct, or true.


We will enable signatories to improve the real world – now and in the future – by encouraging investments that contribute to prosperous and inclusive societies for current and future generations.

8. Champion climate action

9. Enable real-world impact aligned with the SDGs

prosperous, adj., (ˈprɒsp(ə)rəs)

Flourishing, thriving. Consistently successful, esp. economically. Of a person or community, relating to well-being: the state of being healthy, happy.

“The vision set out in this blueprint will ultimately empower our signatories to create long-term value for their beneficiaries, for the societies they inhabit and that future generations inherit.”

Martin Skancke, PRI Chair

“Now is the time for action: we’re ready, our signatories are ready and the world’s people deserve a response.”

Fiona Reynolds, PRI Managing Director

Genesis, assumptions and process

This supplement explains the genesis of the blueprint project, the assumptions we’ve based our thinking on and the process we went through to reach the agenda that A Blueprint for responsible investment  sets out.