Hedge funds

Institutional investors are becoming increasingly interested in how hedge fund managers are applying environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into their portfolios.

The PRI has created various materials to help fund managers and asset owners incorporate responsible investment into hedge fund strategies, including a due diligence questionnaire, a technical guide to ESG incorporation in hedge funds and resources on short selling and responsible investment. To hear more about our hedge funds work, contact us.

Due diligence questionaire

Hedge Funds-DDQ

Responsible investment DDQ for hedge fund investors

This due diligence questionnaire (DDQ) has been developed to help investors understand and evaluate hedge fund managers’ approaches to responsible investment.

Technical guide


ESG incorporation in hedge funds

This guide provides a suggested framework for fund managers and asset owners to incorporate ESG factors into hedge fund strategies.

investment strategies

PRI Digital Conference - Breakout session: Long/short investment strategies


In this session, experts from academia and industry will discuss these questions and map out their vision of how long/short strategies might be integrated into a responsible investment strategy.

Case studies


Rating responsible investment hedge fund managers


Organisation name: Man Group


Creating an ESG framework for multi-strategy hedge fund manager research


Case study by BlackRock

HF_Case_studies_Inherent Group

Using the SDGs to source contrarian investment opportunities


Case study by Inherent Group