R&A updates

This page will provide the latest news on Reporting & Assessment. Please check back regularly for updates.

We plan to share developments on the launch of 2021 outputs, feedback on 2021 pilot reporting, features available in the new Data Portal, functionalities of the new Reporting Tool, and more.

General updates


Reporting update

Sharing 2021 public Transparency Reports


With the continued steps towards improved 2021 outputs, the PRI is now conducting rigorous testing of public Transparency Reports before officially launching these in June 2022. This additional quality check will ensure that only responses marked by signatories as public will be disclosed in the public Transparency Reports. We do ...

Reporting update

2021 PRI reports will be launched in June


In April, the PRI finalised the 2021 reporting dataset after engaging in a comprehensive data collection and review process to improve the quality of 2021 reports. The PRI will launch 2021 public Transparency Reports (for investors and service providers) and private Assessment Reports (for investors) in June 2022.

Reporting update

2021 reporting dataset finalised


The PRI has finalised the 2021 reporting dataset after implementing signatories’ requested changes in the Reporting Tool and completing additional quality checks. The PRI will now begin preparing for the launch of 2021 public Transparency Reports (for investors and service providers) and 2021 private Assessment Reports (for investors), as well ...

Reporting update

Two-week window for signatories to flag concerns with amended 2021 reports now closed


On 14 March, the PRI re-uploaded signatories’ amended Transparency Reports privately onto the Data Portal. Signatories had two weeks to flag potential concerns with their amended reports before the PRI finalised the 2021 reporting dataset. This two-week window for flagging concerns is now closed, and the PRI will start preparing ...


Reporting update

Use the PRI Permissions System to access reporting platforms


Launched in 2021, the PRI Permissions System provides signatories with greater flexibility and control over their organisation’s data. The system enables signatories to manage their internal and external staff’s access to reporting platforms . Please see the full Permissions System user guide for more information.


Reporting update

Engagement continues with investor signatories that did not meet PRI minimum requirements in 2021


The PRI is committed to strengthening accountability among its signatory base and supporting signatories in meeting the minimum requirements for PRI membership. As part of this commitment, following improvements of the 2021 dataset, we are now continuing engagement with signatories identified as not meeting the minimum requirements based on their ...