The committees facilitate the workings of the board. The board reports on the activities of each committee in the Signatory General Meeting (SGM) papers.

Finance, audit and risk

Members: Wendy Cromwell (chair), Eva Halvarsson, Wilhelm Mohn

The committee assures the Board of: the veracity of the financial statements, the efficacy of risk management and the strength, the efficacy of compliance controls; and strength and appropriateness of control processes across the PRI.

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Members: Sharon Hendricks (chair), Scott Connolly , Sanda Ojiambo, Tycho Sneyers

The committee’s purpose is to provide guidance to the Executive and make recommendations to the Board as necessary on: the Board and company’s governance, including guidelines, policies and practices; the PRI Board’s effectiveness, including skills, diversity and expertise; the PRI Board elections; and the PRI Code of Ethics and related ethical issues.

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Human resources and remuneration

Members: Renosi Mokate (chair), Eva Halvarsson, Sharon Hendricks

The committee’s purpose is to ensure that the human resources (HR) and remuneration arrangements support the strategic aims of the PRI Association and enable the recruitment, motivation and retention of staff while complying with the requirements of regulatory and governance bodies, satisfying the expectations of its members and remaining consistent with the expectations of the wider target employee population. The committee is responsible for PRI chair review process.

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Members: Eric Usher (chair), Scott Connolly, Michael Jantzi, Takeshi Kimura, Laetitia Tankwe

The committee’s purpose is to guide the preparation of financial system, policy and ‘drive meaningful data’ related content for the Board. This would include strategic guidance on the activities to realise a sustainable financial system (as set out in the PRI’s mission) and oversight of the PRI’s programme to drive meaningful data throughout markets. The role of the committee is to guide the Executive in the preparation of materials for the Board, reviewing planned papers and related materials, encompassing programme plans, and financial and resourcing plans.

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Signatory status

Members: Tycho Sneyers (chair), Scott Connolly,Michael Jantzi, Takeshi Kimura,

The committee’s purpose is to advise the Executive and make recommendations to the Board as necessary on: signatory categorisation; signatory accountability - minimum standards; signatory accountability - integrity of the PRI initiative; and other any other issues around signatory status.

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Reporting and assessment oversight

Members: Laetitia Tankwe (chair), Wendy Cromwell, Michael Jantzi, Wilhelm Mohn,

The committee’s purpose is to provide oversight of the development of the new PRI Reporting and Assessment Framework and to provide independent input and advice to the PRI Board when required. This includes the objectives and purpose, within the wider context of signatory reporting requirements; the development of the ‘content’ and its strategic alignment; key signatory communications; and the IT infrastructure, and related governance, risks, and dependencies.

This is an ad hoc committee, and the expectation is that the committee will cease to operate in April 2023 with the completed roll-out of the new Reporting and Assessment Framework, or when the board consider that the committee is no longer necessary.

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