World-leading ESG training for the global investment sector

Leveraging the PRI’s unique expertise, industry connections and independent global perspective, the PRI Academy leads the way in applied responsible investment (RI) training for industry professionals. To date, more than 20,000 professionals from 88 countries have enrolled on PRI Academy courses.  

The courses are delivered in a flexible and engaging online format to fit around the schedules of busy professionals, typically lasting between two and 15 hours. With financial modelling, practical case studies and inspiring calls to action and more, learners can assimilate ESG concepts and apply them to their investment practices. 

Current courses 

This course introduces ESG issues and their relationship to financial performance. The course introduces provides a systematic approach to incorporating ESG factors in investment decisions and active ownership. Learners will gain confidence to discuss ESG issues with clients and stakeholders. 

Course length: 2-3 hours. 

Designed for: Anyone working across the investment management industry. 


This course takes a deep dive into responsible investment, from theory to practical application. Learners leave the course with the confidence to identify and analyse material ESG factors, as well as integrate sustainability data into financial modelling and existing investment processes.  

Course length: 15 hours. 

Designed for: Anyone working across the investment management industry. 


This course provides an in-depth look at the use of sustainability data in fundamental investment analysis and stock valuation. The course helps investment practitioners develop a keen awareness of ESG factors and an understanding of when, where and how non-financial information can be used to add value in the investment decision-making process.  

Course length: 10 hours. 

Designed for: Analysts, portfolio managers and others directly involved in investment and ownership decisions. 


This course focuses on ESG applications in private markets, with modules on private equity, private debt, real estate and infrastructure. Learners leave the course able to identify and incorporate ESG risks and opportunities throughout the investment life cycle, across alternative asset classes and investment strategies. It will also allow learners to apply an ESG lens to the selection, appointment and monitoring of external managers in private markets.  

Course length: 3-4 hours. 

Designed for: Industry professionals who want to improve their understanding of ESG incorporation in private market investments. This includes those working in: 

  • fund management or allocation 
  • investor relations 
  • product development 
  • legal and compliance 


This industry-leading three-stage training approach combines classroom and online training modules, to fully instil in participants a strong, functional understanding and a confident fluency when discussing ESG issues. Participants leave the programme with the knowledge and skills required to understand, manage and integrate ESG considerations into their business operations and investment strategies.

Course length: in-person and online over six months.

  • a one-day classroom session in-person
  • 15-hour self-paced online module (available over six months)
  • live virtual classroom session

Designed for: Anyone working across the investment management industry. 



Empowering organisations to bridge the ESG skills gap 

The PRI Academy partners with organisations to design and deliver comprehensive training solutions to help them achieve their ESG goals. With more than 5,000 professional enrolling at the PRI Academy each year, we have a track record of bridging the ESG skills gap:

  • 90% agree or strongly agree that their understanding of ESG has improved. 
  • 82% agree or strongly agree that their confidence in discussing ESG topics hasd improved.  
  • 74% agree or strongly agree that they have developed practical knowledge and skills that they would apply to their daily work.  
  • 91% rated the case studies as excellent or good. 

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“At ABN AMRO, sustainable investment is the default option for new clients. We offer a continuous education programme to our investment advisors and more than 1,500 of my colleagues have completed training with PRI Academy, ensuring they have an extensive understanding of ESG issues and helping ABN AMRO to meet its sustainable investment targets.”

Vincent Triesschijm, Director of Sustainable Investment

NN Investment Partners

“We see it as our fiduciary duty to help clients have an ambitious RI philosophy and we advise them to translate this to their investment portfolio. To achieve this, we find it important that all employees of the fiduciary value chain understand what RI is, why it is important and what important elements to consider are. Therefore, we have invited all of our employees to do this course, and this was very well received.”

Maureen Schlejen-Peeters, Head of Fiduciary Management & Institutional Clients and Global Client Servicing


“PRI Academy is a long-time partner, providing training on RI and the investment process. Their courses use real-life case studies to illustrate the materiality of ESG issues, helping our employees further their understanding of the market and our clients’ needs. Academy courses are part of our onboarding and internal training programs for all employees, and they are highly appreciated and well used.”

Marguerite Fraser, Global Head of Learning & Development

Irish Life

“The PRI Academy is an essential resource for organisations that aspire to an inclusive sustainability strategy for their employers, shareholders, customers and suppliers. The PRI Academy is one of the key elements in our toolbox that facilitates differentiated learning, from introductory to advanced, for every member or our team.”

Patrick Burke, Managing Director