Signing the internationally-recognised Principles for Responsible Investment allows your organisation to publicly demonstrate its commitment to including environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in investment decision making and ownership. 

How to apply

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Key information on getting started with the PRI:



Organisations can become a signatory if they fall under one of these three categories:

  • Asset owners representing the holders of long-term retirement savings, insurance and other assets. Examples include pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, foundations, endowments, insurance and reinsurance companies and other financial institutions that manage deposits. This is our principal category of signatory.
  • Investment managers managing or controlling investment funds as a third-party, serving an institutional and/or retail market. Investment managers who are still raising funds, rather than actively managing assets, can sign pre-emptively as provisional signatories.[1]
  • Service providers  (professional service partners) offering products or services to asset owners and/or investment manager who demonstrate a commitment to providing, developing and promoting services that support a clients’ implementation of the principles.

If you have a query about your organisation’s category, please email us

The PRI Board reserves the right to determine which category is most appropriate. 

Annual fee

The annual signatory fee is payable each April and is scaled according to each signatory’s category.

The PRI Board has approved a moderate increase in signatory fees for 2023. We are simultaneously taking active steps to reduce our own operating costs, but this increase is necessitated by inflationary pressures across our key markets.

Fees are calculated based on signatories’ latest AUM (for asset owners and investment managers) or number of investment staff (for service providers). For new signatories that have not reported yet, their fees will be calculated based on the figures provided when they signed up as a PRI signatory.

The PRI is a not for profit organisation and signatory fees and other revenue are spent on delivering value to our diverse signatories, through opportunities for learning and development, sharing best practices, collaborative engagement and driving responsible investment.

Asset owners

The fee is scaled according to the assets your organisation manages.

Asset owners headquartered in a country classified by the IMF as an emerging market or developing economy can email us to apply for a fee discount.

AUM (US$ bln)> 105 - 9.991 - 4.990.1 - 0.990 - 0.09
2023/24 fee (GBP) £9,396 £7,125 £3,284 £935 £511


Investment managers

The fee is scaled according to the assets your organisation manages.

AUM (US$ bln)> 5030 - 5010 - 29.995 - 9.991 - 4.990.1 - 0.990 - 0.09
2023/24 fee (GBP) £15,218 £13,380 £12,168 £8,516 £4,864 £1,837 £1,213

Service providers

The fee is scaled according to the number of investment staff in your investment division. This includes staff who offer investment support services, such as finance or HR; but excludes staff who perform services which aren’t relevant to investors.

No. of investment staff> 20051-20026-50 11-25<10
2023/24 fee (GBP) £9,396 £7,125 £3,284 £935 £511

How to apply

Step 1. Gather documents required

Organisation categoryDocuments required
Asset owners
Investment managers

If you’re signing as a provisional signatory, as you’re still raising funds rather than actively managing assets, you must also provide a:

  • Placement memorandum or official letter stating the assets you intend to raise in the first year of becoming a signatory
Service providers

The declaration should be printed on header paper and signed by your CEO or equivalent.

The organisation chart should show the structure of your organisation.

Step 2. Complete the online application

You’ll need to provide your company details and contact information, give your reasons for becoming a signatory and upload the documents mentioned in ‘Step 1’. The form takes around 15 minutes to complete.

We aim to review and process applications within two weeks.

If language or technical barriers prevent you from completing the online application form, please email us to request a PDF copy. 

Step 3. Pay fee

Please allow six weeks for your application to be processed by our central team in London. Once it’s approved, you’ll receive an invoice covering the period up to 1 April when the next fee year starts. 

On receipt of payment, we will send you a welcome email to introduce you to your local relationship manager.

After you join

Visit Getting started as a signatory to find out about the support and resources available to new signatories.