Become a signatory

Signing the internationally-recognised Principles for Responsible Investment allows your organisation to publicly demonstrate its commitment to incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into its investment decision making and ownership practices.

Benefits of being a signatory

  • A global collaborative network

    Join a dynamic community of forward-thinking investors committed to driving positive change. As a PRI signatory, you’ll gain unparalleled access to a global network.
    Engage with like-minded peers, share best practices, and participate in collaborative initiatives that amplify the collective impact of responsible investment.

  • Cutting-edge research and resources

    Stay ahead of the curve with PRI’s rich repository of research, tools, and resources.
    Access valuable case studies, industry reports and training materials designed to empower your responsible investment initiatives.
    Get involved with collaborative projects that contribute to the ongoing development of sustainable investment strategies and position yourself as a leader in the evolving landscape of ESG investing.
    Take advantage of the signatory discount on our Academy courses to upskill your organisation in the latest thinking in responsible investment.

  • Transparent reporting

    Showcase your commitment to accountability and transparency. PRI signatories report activities annually, providing stakeholders with clear insights into your ESG practices.
    Demonstrate your dedication to responsible investment and track your progress by disclosing information on ESG integration and engagement efforts, building trust with clients, regulators, and the broader investment community.


We welcome the following types of organisations. Click below for the PRI’s definition of our signatory categories.

Definition of an asset owner

  • Long-term investment motivation
  • Institutional investor at the top of the investment chain, directly accountable to beneficiaries or the government
  • Investment discretion, including asset allocation, over all or most of its assets, (e.g. not subject to the direction of independent financial advisors (IFAs), or beneficiaries) and  
  • Stable non-commercial governance arrangements or legislative frameworks (i.e. capital preservation and/or retirement provision is the primary motive, and they are answerable to pensioners or the government rather than shareholders)  

Definition of an investment manager

  • Make investment decisions according to guidelines stated in investment management agreements (IMAs) or fund formation documents and/or  
  • Majority of assets subject to the direction of asset owners, IFAs or beneficiaries  

Definition of a service provider

  • Provide investment advice to asset owners or investment managers, such as asset allocation and manager/product selection or  
  • Deliver services such as proxy voting, data, etc.  

If you have a specific query about your organisation’s category, please email [email protected]. For a general overview, join one of our group information calls.

If your organisation doesn’t fit any of the three categories above, and you are a non-profit peer organisation, we would welcome you as a Network Supporter. Please see this page for more information.

Final categorisation decisions are made at the PRI’s discretion. For your next steps in becoming a signatory, see the Apply Now section below.


What do I need to become a PRI signatory?

Our application form is a straightforward process that does not take long to complete. Before you begin, please ensure you have the following two documents on hand, as well as key organisational and contact information:


1Declaration form

Your organisation’s declaration form, which signals your ongoing commitment to the Principles. This must be signed by your CEO (or equivalent).

Download the relevant declaration form here:

2Organisation group structure

If you are part of a larger organisation or a subsidiary, you will need to submit an organisation chart showing legal entities in the group structure. If you are unsure how being part of a group will impact your application, please refer to page 7 of our signatory sign-up guidelines , or contact us for more information.


The PRI is a not-for-profit organisation and signatory fees and other revenue are spent on delivering value to our diverse signatories, driving responsible investment through opportunities for learning and development, sharing best practices, and collaborative engagement.

Annual signatory fees

The annual signatory fee is pro-rated on signing, and then payable each April and is scaled according to each signatory’s category.

Fees are calculated based on signatories’ latest AUM (for asset owners and investment managers) or number of investment staff (for service providers).

To view our current fees, please select your category in the “Apply Today” section below.

After you join

For more details on your next steps on becoming a member, see our Getting started as a signatory page.


Once you are a member of the PRI, Asset Owners and Investment Managers will be included in our annual reporting cycle. New signatories don’t have to report in their first year, but we encourage them to do so they can learn the process. A new signatory can choose to report voluntarily during this period and can opt for their report to remain confidential.

The six steps to becoming a PRI signatory

  1. Declaration

    Sign the declaration, committing to the Principles of Responsible Investment.

  2. Apply

    Complete the online application form via the website.

  3. Review

    The PRI will review your application. While we aim to process as quickly as possible, please allow 3-4 weeks for this, although we will aim to process as quickly as possible.

  4. Engage

    If we have queries on your application we will engage with you directly to resolve them.

  5. Approval

    Once your application is approved by the PRI, you will recieve your invoice.

  6. Payment

    Congratulations! Upon payment of your invoice you are officially a signatory of the PRI. You will recceive a welcome email and be added to our website within two business days.

The time it takes from application to becoming a signatory will depend on a few factors, including whether we have all the information required in the application, and whether your organisation meets our sign-up criteria. Please allow 3-4 weeks for application processing.