The PRI Association is governed by the PRI Association Board (the board) as set out in the Articles of Association of PRI Association.

Board responsibilities

The board is collectively responsible for the long-term success of the PRI, in particular:

  • establishing the PRI’s mission, vision and values;
  • setting the strategy, risk appetite and structure;
  • delegating the implementation of the strategy to the PRI Association Executive (the executive);
  • monitoring the executive’s performance against the strategy;
  • exercising accountability to signatories;
  • being responsible to relevant stakeholders.

Board priorities for this year

  • Reporting and Assessment Framework reform
  • Enabling growth:
    • Post-Covid ways of working
    • Digitalisation
    • Globalisation
  • Oversight of business processes review programme

Board meetings


Rules, policies and terms of reference

These documents, referred to in the Articles, enshrine the procedures and practicalities required to give effect to each Article in more detail. The board has approved the following rules, policies and terms of reference:

Rules  Policies Terms of reference 

Election rules

Board Diversity policy

Board Chair’s terms of reference

Signatory accountability rules

Grant policy

Board Directors’ terms of reference

Signatory sign-up guidelines

 Human rights policy  CEO terms of reference

Signatory general meeting rules

Procurement policy

Permanent UN advisors’ terms of reference

Signatory rules

Whistleblowing policy

Board code of ethics and conduct

Rules for signatory groups

Equality & Diversity Policy (Conferences & Events)


  Public communications policy  

Privacy policy


PRI Serious violations policy


Board report

Signatories are encouraged to read the full PRI Board report which provides an overview of the work undertaken by the board over the past year, how we work together and with the executive.

The report includes our focus on organisational purpose; the leadership of the board; integrity measures; decision-making processes, risks and controls; actions to improve our effectiveness; how we are thinking about board diversity and communicating this to signatories; and our efforts to be open and accountable to signatories.

Discussions over the last year

Board Disscussions During the year

If you have any queries related to the PRI’s governance and its rules, policies and terms of reference, please contact