Sustainability outcomes

Increasingly, beneficiaries, policy makers and other stakeholders are requiring investors to align their investments with the broader objectives of society including those set out in the SDGs and the Paris Agreement. In parallel, our signatories are recognising that the real-world sustainability outcomes connected to their investment activities can feed back into the financial risks they face.

For this reason, building a bridge between financial risk, opportunities and sustainability outcomes is a key element of PRI’s 2021-24 strategy.

Spotlight on the Sustainable Development Goals


Sustainable Development Goals

The PRI works to help investors align their responsible investment practices with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, both through research and education and by facilitating collaboration.

Key Resources on Investing with Sustainability Outcomes


Investing with SDG outcomes: a five-part framework

A high-level framework for any investors looking to shape real-world outcomes in line with the Sustainable Development Goals


A legal framework for impact

Clarifying how regulators in 11 jurisdictions view “investing for sustainability impact”, which involves the use of investment powers, stewardship and engagement with policy makers to produce assessable positive sustainability impacts


Active Ownership 2.0

Active Ownership 2.0 is a framework for the more ambitious stewardship needed to deliver against beneficiaries’ interests and improve the sustainability and resilience of the financial system


Our driving meaningful data approach

There is a global consensus that consistent, reliable, and comparable sustainability data is a top priority for investors and corporations. The PRI’s Driving Meaningful Data programme works on the types of data, including outcomes data, sources and reporting frameworks needed to support responsible investors

Case studies, podcasts, webinars & blogs

Key partnerships

Impact Management Platform

The Impact Management Platform is a collaboration between leading providers of public good standards and guidance for managing sustainability impacts. It supports practitioners to manage their sustainability impacts – including the impacts of their investments – by clarifying the actions of impact management and explaining how standards and guidance can be used together to enable a complete impact management practice, see Resource list — Impact Management Platform

Global Investors for Sustainable Development Alliance

The Global Investors for Sustainable Development (GISD) Alliance seeks to deliver concrete solutions to scale-up long-term finance and investment in sustainable development, including:

  • The Navigator provides a toolbox for investors to realize Sustainable Development Investing (SDI) and for companies to rethink their business model towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • The SDG Investor Platform provides data, information and insights on investment opportunities with potential to contribute to sustainable development. Find SDG-aligned investment opportunities that matter. Start by filtering by region, country or sector.