EU taxonomy

The EU taxonomy of sustainable economic activities is a tool to help investors understand whether an economic activity is environmentally sustainable and navigate the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Setting a common language between investors, issuers, project promoters and policy makers, the EU taxonomy helps investors assess whether investments are meeting robust environmental standards and are consistent with high-level policy commitments such as the Paris Agreement.

The PRI plays an important role in the development of the EU taxonomy. Working as a contributor to the High-Level Expert Group on sustainable finance and a member of the Technical Expert Group (TEG) on sustainable finance, the PRI helped shape the course of the Taxonomy regulation and TSC.

The opportunity to provide expert advice on behalf of our signatories and in support of scientific expertise continues with the PRI’s Chief Responsible Investment Officer, Nathan Fabian also working as Chair to the European Platform on Sustainable Finance (PSF).

Taxonomy implementation


Platform on Sustainable Finance: A Compendium of Market Practices


The advisory body to the European Commission has published a report on the EU sustainable finance framework.

Implementing EUTaxonomy_Hero

Implementing the EU taxonomy: An update to the PRI’s ‘Testing the Taxonomy’ report


This paper explores how investors are implementing the regulation


Addressing EU taxonomy usability issues


An assessment of EU taxonomy implementation: challenges and solutions.

EU taxonomy

Investor briefing: EU sustainable finance taxonomy


This briefing provides an overview of the EU taxonomy, including a proposed delegated act on gas and nuclear energy.

Case studies

More on the EU Taxonomy

EU taxonomy

EU taxonomy - PRI welcomes adoption of first climate delegated act


[Region: EU] The European Council has just approved the EU taxonomy climate Delegated Act (DA), confirming into EU law the adoption of Technical Screening Criteria (TSC) for activities that contribute substantially to climate change mitigation and adaptation objectives.


Alternative solutions to include gas-fired power and nuclear energy in the EU sustainable taxonomy


[Region: EU] This position paper explains why gas-fired power and nuclear energy are not aligned with the objectives of the EU Sustainable Taxonomy, and presents alternative options for their inclusion in the framework.

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Testing the taxonomy: insights from the PRI Taxonomy Practitioners Group


This report shares insights from the first comprehensive set of case studies around how to use the EU Taxonomy.

Videos and webinars

EU taxonomy implementation

This webinar is aimed at practitioners involved in making EU taxonomy disclosures. The session will provide an overview of the PRI’s latest research on how investors are approaching taxonomy implementation. It will also include a panel discussion with practitioners and policy experts, followed by a Q&A session. Panellists will discuss ...