Manager selection

In their investment manager selection, asset owners are creating the link to real world outcomes through their investments. It therefore poses as one of the most important decisions in the investment process.

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Responsible investment should be at the core of the relationship between asset owners and investment managers. More and more clients want it, regulators demand it and academic and industry evidence supports it. This is the starting point that explains why our work on selection, appointment and monitoring (SAM) is so crucial. These guides are designed specifically for PRI’s 550+ asset owner signatories as well as the broader asset owner community. We hope they will support large and small asset owners and their advisers to incorporate ESG factors into how they relate to, co-operate with and challenge asset managers.

Fiona Reynolds, PRI


Stewardship evaluation tool

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Evaluating managers’ stewardship for sustainability


The PRI has created a tool to evaluate and compare managers’ stewardship practices for sustainability outcomes, and a due diligence questionnaire (DDQ) which they can use to discuss this topic with investment managers.

Stewardship for Sustainability DDQ

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Stewardship for sustainability: Responsible investment DDQ


This due diligence questionnaire (DDQ) has been developed to help asset owners and other investors better understand and evaluate how investment managers approach sustainability outcomes stewardship, consistent with the PRI’s Active Ownership 2.0 programme.

SAM webinar – key messages & themes


Reflections from three webinars on incorporating ESG into asset manager selection, appointment and monitoring


By Toby Belsom, Director, Investment Practices, PRI, and Felix Soellner, Senior Analyst, PRI