Sustainable markets

We address unsustainable aspects of markets that investors operate in, to achieve the economically efficient, sustainable financial system that responsible investors and beneficiaries need.

We work with our signatories and other stakeholders to challenge barriers to a sustainable financial system and drive meaningful data throughout markets.

There is a global consensus that consistent, reliable and comparable sustainability data is a top priority for investors and corporations. The PRI’s Driving meaningful data (DMD) programme works on the types of data, sources and reporting frameworks needed to support responsible investors.

The PRI recognises that the financial system is not operating sustainably and often fails society. We are working with investors, policy makers, regulators and others in the sector to reshape the system so it supports sustainable economic development. The PRI’s Sustainable financial system (SFS) programme focuses on projects in relation to Nine Priority Conditions established through our signatory consultation.

Driving meaningful data featured resources

  • Sustainability

    Engaging the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB)


    Under the PRI’s Driving Meaningful Data programme, we will work with our signatories to engage with the ISSB as it works to develop a global baseline of sustainability-related financial disclosure standards.

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    Engaging on the European Sustainability Reporting Standards


    Under PRI’s Driving Meaningful Data programme, we will work with our signatories to engage and provide feedback on the developments around the European Sustainability Reporting Standards.

  • Investors must act now to counter negative climate lobbying on corporate disclosure

    Understanding Investors’ Data Needs


    There are large gaps in decision-useful data for investors on sustainability-related issues, particularly outside of climate. Corporate reporting standard setters (e.g. the International Sustainability Standards Board), policy makers and regulators are working to fill these gaps through new sustainability-related disclosure standards.

Sustainable financial system featured resources