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Responsible investment allows listed equity investors to make better informed investment decisions by integrating all material factors, including material ESG factors, into investment analysis, valuations and decisions.

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Listed equity snapshot 2017 – 2020

Explores how and where approaches to incorporating ESG, active ownership and proxy voting in listed equities has changed.

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Testing the taxonomy: insights from the PRI Taxonomy Practitioners Group

This report shares insights from the first comprehensive set of case studies around how to use the EU Taxonomy. Starting in late 2019, over 40 investment managers and asset owners worked to implement the taxonomy on a voluntary basis in anticipation of upcoming European regulation.


ESG factors and equity returns

ESG factors and equity returns – a review of recent industry research


By Toby Belsom, Director Investment Practices, PRI and Laura Lake, former CIO, Breckinridge Capital Advisors

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