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Responsible investment allows listed equity investors to make better informed investment decisions by integrating all material factors - including material environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors - into investment analysis, valuations and decisions.

Find below best practice guidance on incorporating ESG factors into listed equity portfolios along with case studies and a due diligence questionaire (DDQ) to help investors evaluate approaches to responsible investment.

Introductory guides

Asset Owner Action_hero

Inside PRI data: asset owner action


This report analyses the responses of asset owner signatories who participated in PRI reporting in 2021. It covers asset owners’ top-level commitments, responsible investment policies, processes for selecting, appointing and monitoring managers, and climate-change strategies.

Divestment LE_Hero_v2

Discussing divestment: Developing an approach when pursuing sustainability outcomes in listed equities


For listed equity investors, the decision to engage with or divest from ESG laggards depends on the ESG issues concerned as well as the (sustainability) objectives of their clients and beneficiaries.

Due diligence questionnaire


Responsible investment DDQ for listed equity investors

This due diligence questionnaire (DDQ) has been developed to help investors understand and evaluate listed equity managers’ approaches to responsible investment.


LE Snapshot_hero

Listed equity snapshot 2017 – 2020

Explores how and where approaches to incorporating ESG, active ownership and proxy voting in listed equities has changed.


Implementing EUTaxonomy_Hero

Implementing the EU taxonomy: An update to the PRI’s ‘Testing the Taxonomy’ report

This paper explores how investors are implementing the regulation

ESG incorporation best practice blog

IP Month_Hero_Listed equity

ESG incorporation in listed equity – thoughts on best practice


Valuation and risk models must be sufficiently long term to capture the full impact of ESG risks and opportunities. There are trade-offs between capturing the benefits of deep ESG analysis and building a portfolio that adheres to traditional diversification approaches.

PRI in Person & Digital Conference

Digital conference highlight


Listed equity for the next 10 years


Plenary session 8: Listed equity for the next 10 years Speakers: Hervé Guez, Global Head of Research and CIO of Equities & Fixed Income, Mirova Carolina Minio-Paluello, Global Head of Product, Solutions & Quant, Schroders John Quealy, Chief Investment Officer, Trillium Asset Management Laura Starks, Professor, The University of Texas ...

Case studies

Listed equity related case studies

Practical guides and tools

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