The Inevitable Policy Response to climate change

Climate change is the highest priority ESG issue facing investors. The PRI is working to help investors protect portfolios from risks and to highlight opportunities in the shift to a low-carbon global economy.

Markets today have not adequately priced in the likely near term policy response to climate change.

This leaves portfolios exposed to significant risk and investors need to act now to protect and enhance value. That’s why PRI have launched this project, to provide investors with a realistic forecasting tool to help navigate this complex and evolving landscape.

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“This is a flagship project for the PRI, I urge all signatories to assess the implications of the Inevitable Policy Response for their portfolios and act now to protect and enhance value”
- Fiona Reynolds, CEO, PRI




  • Inevitable_Policy_Response_2021 s

    The Inevitable Policy Response 2021: Forecast Policies


    During this webinar the PRI give an update on The Inevitable Policy Response, a pioneering project commissioned by the PRI.

  • US Climate Policy in 2021-What Investors Need to Know

    US Climate Policy in 2021: What Investors Need to Know


    The likelihood of a sweeping U.S. climate policy being implemented has increased considerably in recent months. A wide range of proposals has been floated, and the Biden campaign itself laid out a comprehensive plan to tackle carbon emissions and climate resilience through a variety of statutory, regulatory and fiscal approaches.

  • IPR_webinar

    The Inevitable Policy Response: preparing investors for an abrupt transition


    A forceful policy response to climate change within the near term is not priced into today’s markets. Yet it is inevitable that governments will be forced to act more decisively than they have so far, leaving investor portfolios exposed to significant risk.

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