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Introduction guide

asset owner introduction

Introduction to responsible investment for asset owners

In the decade since the launch of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), responsible investment has entered the mainstream. This document introduces some of the discipline’s main concepts and methodologies.

The PRI works with asset owners to:

  • champion ESG incorporation throughout organisations;
  • enable asset owners to effectively oversee and monitor investment managers and others;
  • demonstrate how long-term global trends will shape the investment environment of tomorrow;
  • establish that asset owners’ duties to their beneficiaries extend beyond the risk/return profile of their investments to include making decisions that benefit the world beneficiaries live in.

How to include ESG considerations in every step of the investment process:

Investment strategy

How to craft an investment strategy and consider real-world impact cover

Asset owner strategy guide: How to craft an investment strategy

Crafting an investment strategy is the first step within an asset owner’s overall investment process.

Investment policy

Investment policy: process and practice cover

Investment policy: process and practice

By formalising an investment process in a policy, asset owners differentiate emotions from facts when making investment decisions, keeping a relentless focus on performing in line with their investment strategy in an evidence-based manner.

Strategic asset allocation

Embedding ESG into SAA frameworks cover

Embedding ESG issues into strategic asset allocation frameworks: Discussion paper

Strategic asset allocation plays a fundamental role in determining long term returns and enabling asset owners to meet liabilities – in that sense the long term nature of issues such as climate change, demographics and resource depletion should make it an obvious place to start reviewing ESG themes and issues ...

Selecting, appointing and monitoring managers

selection guide

Selecting, appointing and monitoring managers

An asset owner should ensure that a coherent set of expectations is communicated to agents acting on their behalf, and can align incentive structures with these expectations.

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