Human rights

The role of investors in ensuring that human rights are respected is increasingly in the spotlight.

2022_Human Rights Benchmarks

Human rights benchmarks for investors: an overview

This resource provides a general overview of human rights benchmarks available to investors.

human rights_hero_case studies

Human rights - case studies

The PRI will be affording its work on human rights equal strategic priority to its work on climate change. Therefore, identifying and sharing examples of leading practices around investors challenges, opportunities and responsibilities in relation to human rights will be a significant priority of the programme of work.

DEI paper_hero

Diversity, equity & inclusion: Key action areas for investors


Investors need to expand their focus beyond gender and diversity and address issues such as inclusion, equity and other characteristics to truly benefit from DEI

2022_Decent Work Paper_hero

How investors can advance decent work


This paper will define the concept of decent work, emphasising a human-centric approach towards workers and their rights, in line with various global standards and frameworks.

Income inequality

Why and how investors can respond to income inequality

Institutional investors are increasingly realising that income inequality – the gap in income and wealth between the very affluent and the rest of society – has become one of the most noteworthy socio-economic issues of our time.