Real estate

A solid investment case for incorporating ESG factors, a competitive market and well-established regulation have encouraged real estate investors to implement some of the most comprehensive approaches to responsible investment. Nevertheless, ESG factors such as climate risk, and fragmented sustainability standards, still pose challenges to responsible investment in real estate. To find out more about the PRI’s work on real estate, contact us.

Introduction guide

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An introduction to responsible investment: real estate

A guide to managing ESG issues in real estate

Practical guides and tools


Responsible investment DDQ for real estate investors

This responsible investment due diligence questionnaire (DDQ) has been developed to help investors appraising potential real estate investment managers to evaluate how a manager handles environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.

Climate change factories

Sustainable real estate investment: Implementing the Paris climate agreement

Identify key drivers and overcome the most common barriers to action for integrating ESG and climate change risks into real estate investments.

Sustainability Metrics: Translation and impact on property investment and management

Sustainability metrics: translation and impact on property investment and management

Sustainability has rapidly risen on the business and investment agendas of property (real estate) organisations in recent times.

Climate change targets for real estate investors


This webinar takes a detailed look at the practicalities of setting targets related to climate change for a real estate portfolio, with a particular focus on net zero targets.