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China is rapidly moving ahead with policy and regulatory reforms to better align its financial sector with national sustainability and carbon neutrality objectives.

The PRI’s policy team in China is working to support policy makers and regulators across a wide range of policy priorities, including strengthening corporate ESG disclosure requirements, clarifying asset owner’s legal duties, building stronger frameworks for effective stewardship, and providing thought leadership on aligning investments with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). See further details below of PRI’s work supporting stronger sustainable finance policy in China.



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Latest policy engagements 最新政策沟通参与

PRI response to the three stock exchanges’ consultation on Guidelines on Corporate Sustainability-related Disclosure

The PRI welcomes the issuance of the Guidelines and the stock exchanges’ efforts to incorporate internationally aligned mandatory sustainability-related reporting. We suggest a few areas stock exchanges may want to consider to further align with ISSB standards and PRI’s position on the disclosure of sustainability-related issues. 

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HKEX consultation paper on enhancement of climate-related disclosures under the ESG framework

The PRI strongly welcome the proposals of HKEX, the requirements under consultation are closely aligned with exposure draft IFRS S2 Climate-related Disclosures and ISSB decisions related to this Standard. Our response welcomes areas of alignment with the ISSB’s proposals, and highlights where we believe further alignment is needed. We also recognize investors' data needs beyond climate and on wider sustainability issues. 

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International Platform on Sustainable Finance (IPSF) consultation on Common Ground Taxonomy (CGT)

The PRI recognises that taxonomies are a key tool for redirecting financial flows towards economic activities that meet robust sustainability standards and are aligned with high-level policy commitments, therefore, the CGT could be a useful tool to increase the interoperability of taxonomies, on the condition that clarifications and improvements are made regarding its purpose, science-basis, methodology and presentation of criteria.

See response

China consultation on regulations of insurance asset management companies

To ensure that IAMCs are appropriately managing ESG related risks and opportunities as a part of their obligations to clients, the PRI recommends that the proposed regulation should make clear that IAMCs must consider ESG factors in their corporate governance, risk management, investment activities, stewardship, and disclosure practices.

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MEE consultation on enterprise environmental disclosure

The PRI recommended that the MEE should extend the scope of reporting institutions to cover all large companies, listed companies and debt issuers, require climate related targets and quantitative measures, coordinate with other financial regulators to create a consistent reporting framework across corporate and FIs, and align with other global and regional standards including the work by the IFRS Foundation and EU CSRD.

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