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China is rapidly moving ahead with policy and regulatory reforms to better align its financial sector with national sustainability and carbon neutrality objectives.

The PRI’s policy team in China is working to support policy makers and regulators across a wide range of policy priorities, including strengthening corporate ESG disclosure requirements, clarifying asset owner’s legal duties, building stronger frameworks for effective stewardship, and providing thought leadership on aligning investments with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). See further details below of PRI’s work supporting stronger sustainable finance policy in China.



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 2021 气候政策预期情景及对投资者的影响-亚太区研讨会 (IPR Forecast Policy Scenario 2021 Implications for Investors – APAC)


This webinar will explore implications for investors and provide an opportunity for Asia-Pacific based signatories to engage on IPR Forecasts out to 2025 and 2030. Presented by Julian Poulter, IPR Head of Investor Relations with PRI staff and partners.

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    A Legal Framework for Impact

    It is crucial that assessing and accounting for sustainability impact becomes a core part of investment activity. That’s why PRI, UNEP FI and The Generation Foundation are leading our work programme “A Legal Framework for Impact.”