Active Ownership 2.0

Active Ownership 2.0 is a framework for the more ambitious stewardship needed to deliver against beneficiaries’ interests and improve the sustainability and resilience of the financial system.

Under this framework, investors use their influence to shape sustainability outcomes by engaging in more effective and assertive stewardship activities.

Introducing the framework

Active Ownership evolution

Discussion paper

Active Ownership 2.0: the evolution stewardship urgently needs

A framework for the future of stewardship where investors seek outcomes, prioritise systemic sustainability issues, and use collaboration as an integral tool to overcome the collective action problem.



Report: Putting resources where stewardship ambitions are


This report by the Thinking Ahead Institute examines resourcing in stewardship.

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Stewardship in private equity: A guide for general partners


This guide aims to help private equity general partners execute stewardship of their portfolio companies, partly by highlighting best practices for both beginners and leaders in stewardship.

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Evaluating managers’ stewardship for sustainability


The PRI has created a tool to evaluate and compare managers’ stewardship practices for sustainability outcomes, and a due diligence questionnaire (DDQ) which they can use to discuss this topic with investment managers.

More resources

Board Accountability


Holding boards accountable for ESG: A business case

This article sets out the case for investors to ensure that investee company boards are held accountable when it comes to sustainability.

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Are corporate boards responding to successful shareholder ESG proposals?

Why corporate board responsiveness to shareholder proposals that receive significant support matters.

Voting and divestment

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Making voting count: principle-based voting on shareholder resolutions

How principle-based voting on shareholder resolutions can contribute to clear, effective and accountable stewardship

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Discussing divestment: Developing an approach when pursuing sustainability outcomes in listed equities

For listed equity investors, the decision to engage with or divest from ESG laggards depends on the ESG issues concerned as well as the (sustainability) objectives of their clients and beneficiaries.