Governance issues

The PRI works with investors to address governance issues affecting the companies they invest in, such as tax avoidance, executive pay and corruption. To hear more about our governance issues work, contact us.

Governance issues resources

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  • Executive pay

    Executive pay

    Executive pay remains at the forefront of corporate governance discussions for the investment community.

  • Anti-corruption1


    The cost of bribery and corruption is immense

  • Director nomination process: Part 1

    Director nominations

    Director nominations and elections represent some of the most fundamental ownership rights for shareholders – namely the right to appoint and remove members of a company board to represent their interests in promoting long-term value creation.

  • CyberSecurity

    Cyber security

    Cyber security has been recognised as a risk in the World Economic Forum Global Risks Report for several years, with the latest version ranking cyber security as one of the top 10 risks that the world will face in the next 10 years.


Whistleblowing: why and how to engage with your investee companies

Transparency International defines whistleblowing as the disclosure or reporting of wrongdoing. We use a broad framing of whistleblowing mechanisms to include those arrangements that encourage employees, customers and suppliers to speak up and share information on activities that violate a company’s ethical code of conduct, its legal and regulatory requirements ...

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Webinar: how to prevent child exploitation online


The PRI hosted a webinar to explore the issue of child sexual exploitation online and how investors can engage with ICT companies on this issue. During the webinar speakers took the opportunity to discuss the issues related to the governance of ICT companies and their role in protecting users, of ...