Governance issues - webinars

  • Designing mandates

    PRI Digital Conference: Designing mandates for impact


    This session will explore some of the challenges and opportunities for both asset owners and investment consultants to take the next step in incorporating outcomes into the design of mandates.

  • Corporate Governance in China - What Investors Need to Know

    Corporate Governance in China: What Investors Need to Know


    This webinar will focus on investor expectations, current practice, and outlook for corporate governance in China in 2021.

  • Whistleblowing webinar -banner

    Engaging on Whistleblowing: The Value for Investors


    This webinar will explore the relevance of whistleblowing for investors and launch the PRI engagement guidance on whistleblowing. The discussion will cover the investor perspective, implications of recent regulatory developments such as the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive, and include perspectives from a former whistleblower.

  • Sessions-images_ESG_incorporation (1)

    Market review: trends in ESG incorporation


    In this session the panelists will explore key trends in ESG investing observed.

  • Sessions-images_ESG in credit risk

    ESG in credit risk and ratings: Modelling uncertainty in credit risk


    This webinar, organised as part of the ESG in Credit Risk and Ratings Initiative, explores the differences between forecasts and scenario analysis, in particular, how to consider different time horizons in credit risk assessments.

  • Sessions-images_Asset-owners (1)

    Transforming responsible investment beliefs into action


    This session will examine the journey and main challenges asset owners face when moving from beliefs into action.

  • Sessions-images_Venture-Capital (1)

    Venture Capital: how should ESG be adapted for the asset class


    Following the publication of the PRI’s discussion paper on responsible investment in venture capital in January, this session will explore why ESG in the asset class needs to develop further and how it can be appropriately tailored to early-stage companies.

  • Corporate Governance in india 07 Sept

    Corporate governance in India: what investors need to know


    This webinar, co-hosted by PRI and the Asian Corporate Governance Association (ACGA) is the last in a series of webinars focused on corporate governance in Asia and will explore the outlook for corporate governance in India in 2021 and beyond. A panel of experts will share their views on areas ...

  • Corporate Governance in South East Asia - What Investors Need to Know

    Corporate Governance in South East Asia: What Investors Need to Know


    In May 2021, the PRI and Asian Corporate Governance Association (ACGA) co-hosted this webinar, as part of a series of webinars focused on corporate governance in Asia, and explored the outlook for corporate governance in SE Asia in 2021.

  • governance_assessment_webinar

    Governance assessment: a similar approach for equities vs. debt investors?


    Governance evaluation is prominent in ESG analysis and security pricing. During this webinar, we will explore whether and to what extent governance factors are assessed differently by equity and fixed income investors, including relevant metrics.

  • EMEA_digital_forum

    PRI Digital Forum: EMEA - The future of the corporation


    In this keynote, Colin Mayer will explore the concept of corporate purpose, take a position on the purpose vs. profit debate and highlight the role investors can play in redefining the future of the corporation.

  • webinar_results_collaborativeengagementontaxtransparency

    Results: PRI collaborative engagement on tax transparency


    The PRI has recently published a report summarising the outcomes of the collaborative engagement on tax transparency (2017-2019). This webinar will provide an overview of the report and discuss members’ views of the progress made and next steps for further action.

  • Navigating Cyber Security banner

    Navigating cyber security and privacy rights during COVID-19: recommendations for investors


    This webinar aims to highlight the implications for investors when assessing companies’ readiness to the threats presented by the pandemic including those relating to digital security, privacy and human rights.

  • Lab neatly placed rows of computer 95107219 copy

    Webinar: how to prevent child exploitation online


    The PRI hosted a webinar to explore the issue of child sexual exploitation online and how investors can engage with ICT companies on this issue. During the webinar speakers took the opportunity to discuss the issues related to the governance of ICT companies and their role in protecting users, of ...

  • Making executive pay work

    PRI in Person 2017 - Reinventing remuneration: making executive pay work


    Many stakeholders now recognise that current models of remuneration are not working and that a fundamental overhaul is needed. But there are still many open questions: in this session, we will debate the answers.

  • ESG issues to watch in 2018

    PRI in Person 2017 - ESG snapshots: issues to watch in 2018


    This session will briefly explore a series of trends and emerging ESG issues across sectors. Issues to be discussed will include deforestation and its link to cattle production, the impact of sugar on health, blockchain, and the recent phenomenon of fake news. Delegates can expect an interactive session which will ...

  • Cyber_security

    PRI in Person 2017 - Cyber security: empowering the investor


    This session will provide an introduction to cyber security, and identify the key questions that investors should ask.