Social issues

The PRI supports investors’ efforts to address social issues with companies in their portfolios – including decent work and diversity equity and inclusion. Our work is based on recognised international human rights standards.

To hear more about our social issues work, please contact Remi Fernandez and Yanni Aissaoui-Helcke.

Human rights

Just as for all businesses, institutional investors have a responsibility to respect human rights. This responsibility was formalised by the UN and the OECD in 2011, and since then expectations – from employees, beneficiaries, clients, governments and wider society – have only increased. Expectations have been driven not only by growing visibility and urgency around many human rights issues, but also by a better understanding of investors’ role in shaping real-world outcomes, and of their responsibility to do so – across all their investment activities.



Advance is a stewardship initiative where institutional investors work together to take action on human rights and social issues. Investors use their collective influence with companies and other decision makers to drive positive outcomes for workers, communities and society.

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