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The PRI produces guides, case studies, webinars and events to inform investors on how to incorporate ESG considerations into investment decision-making and ownership practices in a systematic way, within each asset class.

Getting started

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Introductory guides to responsible investment

Responsible investment is a strategy and practice to incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in investment decisions and active ownership.


Putting the Principles into practice: Principle 1

Learn how the PRI can support signatories implement Principle 1: incorporating ESG issues into investment processes across asset classes. We present the tools and guidance PRI has developed to help - regardless of your investment objectives or strategies

  • Listed equity

    Listed equity

    Responsible investment allows listed equity investors to make better informed investment decisions by integrating all material factors, including material ESG factors, into investment analysis, valuations and decisions.

  • Fixed income

    Fixed income

    ESG analysis provides fixed income investors with additional insight into issuer creditworthiness.

  • Asset owner resources

    Asset owner resources

    Heading the investment chain, asset owners set the direction of markets.

Private markets

  • Private Equity 2

    Private equity

    Responsible investment is naturally aligned to private equity through its long-term investment horizon and stewardship-based style.

  • Real Estate

    Real estate

    A solid investment case for incorporating ESG factors, a competitive market and well-established regulation have encouraged real estate investors to implement some of the most comprehensive approaches to responsible investment.

  • Cargo-ship--plane_526625740_CP

    Infrastructure and other real assets

    Infrastucture, farmland and forestry