Global policy

Multilateral organisations are increasingly focusing on sustainable finance policy reforms to support sustainable, inclusive growth. The PRI engages with these organisations to share research and policy recommendations.

Our global policy work supports policy alignment, clarity and effectiveness across jurisdictions, through guidance on foundational policy reforms including taxonomies, ESG disclosure policies, stewardship, and investors' duties. The PRI works to set a new baseline in multilateral financial negotiations that embed sustainable finance policies at their core.

To this end, the PRI engages with organisations such as the OECD, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, UN agencies and others. We also engage with host governments of the G7 and G20 to support ambitious policy reforms on sustainable finance and real-economy policies in alignment with global sustainability goals.

Key publications

Consultations and letters

International Sustainability Standards Board

The PRI supports the ISSB’s mission to deliver a high-quality global baseline of sustainability-related financial disclosures and welcomes the structure and content of Exposure Drafts. Our recommendations seek to ensure that reporting under IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards meets the information needs of responsible investors.

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Further resources

Driving Meaningful Data

The PRI’s Driving Meaningful Data programme explores the types of data, sources and reporting frameworks needed to support responsible investors.

Sustainable Finance Policy Conference 2023

Each year, this conference explores the latest developments in sustainable finance policy reform and new areas of focus for responsible investors in a changing world. This year, the PRI hosted it in Tokyo, before PRI in Person 2023. This briefing summarises key topics discussed during the event.