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PRI reporting is the largest global reporting project on responsible investment. It was developed with investors, for investors. Signatories are required to report on their responsible investment activities annually.

For the 2021 reporting cycle, the PRI piloted a new reporting system for signatories that was designed to streamline and improve the reporting process. The PRI received feedback from over 1,700 signatories on the new Reporting Framework and Reporting Tool. Issues with specific areas in the reporting system resulted in some signatories not being able to submit a full and complete dataset, affecting the 2021 data quality.

In response to the feedback obtained and the issues identified, the PRI assessed the changes made to the reporting process and revaluated how to improve this process to better meet signatories’ needs. To complete this review process and improve the quality of 2021 outputs, the PRI has taken a staged approach to releasing 2021 reporting outputs, and delayed the next reporting cycle until 2023. Please refer to the FAQ below and read our CEO and Chair letter for further detail.

Reporting-related developments will be communicated on R&A Updates page, including updates on the launch of 2021 outputs, signatory feedback on the 2021 pilot, how the PRI is addressing feedback in content development, and more. Please bookmark the page and check back regularly.

Private Transparency Reports

In late 2021, the PRI released private Transparency Reports for signatories to review in the Data Portal. All signatories that reported in 2021 had a period of four weeks to communicate changes to their reports in line with the PRI’s Data Change policy. The PRI implemented signatories’ requested changes in the Reporting Tool on signatories’ behalf. The PRI also fixed formatting and display issues raised by signatories, and conducted significant quality checks to ensure changes were implemented correctly.

In March 2022, the PRI re-uploaded signatories’ amended 2021 Transparency Reports privately onto the Data Portal. All signatories that reported in 2021 had a two-week period to flag potential concerns with their amended reports before the PRI finalised the 2021 reporting dataset.

Public Transparency Reports and Private Assessment Reports

The PRI is in the process of generating 2021 private Assessment Reports and public Transparency Reports. We intend to share updates about the reports’ release through R&A Updates. Both outputs will be based on the finalised 2021 reporting dataset, and released alongside an updated 2021 assessment methodology. The PRI will seek feedback on both outputs as part of the pilot.

Next Reporting Period

The next reporting cycle will open in 2023, with the 2023 Reporting Framework released in advance to allow signatories to prepare. Postponing reporting until 2023 allows PRI the time needed to address signatory feedback on content, to help reduce the time signatories spend on reporting, and to improve the overall reporting user experience. Please see R&A Updates for the latest Reporting news.

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The latest updates on reporting and assessment will be shared on this page. Please check back regularly for any Reporting-related news. We plan to share updates on the launch of 2021 outputs, feedback on 2021 pilot reporting, features available in the new Data Portal, functionalities of the new Reporting Tool, and more.

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