Executive pay

Exploring the rationale, feasibility and effectiveness of including ESG factors in corporate executive pay plans - as well as guiding investors on exercising stewardship.


ESG-LINKED PAY - What does the research say

ESG-linked pay: What does the research say?

This article examines the academic evidence around ESG-linked pay and the role it can play in incentivising and rewarding ESG performance

ESG-LINKED PAY - recommendations fo investors

ESG-linked pay: Recommendations for investors

A set of investor recommendations on driving more meaningful integration of ESG metrics in executive pay, including through voting

Executive pay

Integrating ESG issues into executive pay

The recent focus on executive remuneration has demonstrated the challenges for investors to assess complex pay packages and corporate performance. Existing remuneration plans for senior executives do not necessarily promote sustainable value creation for their companies.

Integrating ESG issues into executive pay

How to integrate ESG issues into executive pay: a review of utilities and extractives

Research and insights on the extent to which ESG factors are incorporated into pay design in the utilities and extractives sectors


Sustainable and inclusive: Covid-19 recovery and reform

Provides guidance for investors pursuing policy engagement during and post-COVID 19