Corporate purpose

Corporate purpose has ignited a debate among academics and business leaders. Here we explore what corporate purpose is and why this has become a critical issue for investors.


Investors must act now to counter negative climate lobbying on corporate disclosure

Corporate purpose: what investors need to know


An increasing number of policy makers, business leaders and academics are now embracing the idea that the purpose of a business is to create long-term value for all stakeholders, rather than simply maximise returns for shareholders



PRI Digital Forum: EMEA - The future of the corporation

In this keynote, Colin Mayer will explore the concept of corporate purpose, take a position on the purpose vs. profit debate and highlight the role investors can play in redefining the future of the corporation.


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What does corporate purpose mean for investors?

In this episode of the PRI podcast, PRI’s Betina Vaz Boni, speaks with Timothy Youmans from EOS at Federated Hermes. They discuss what corporate purpose is, what the latest leading research says about the future of the corporation, and why this has become a critical issue for investors.