The PRI supports signatories to fulfil their obligations as stewards and their commitment to Principle 2.

Our work includes providing guidance on best practice stewardship, facilitating key collaborative stewardship initiatives, providing an online platform to host signatories’ own collaborations, and working with signatories and other stakeholders to help overcome regulatory and structural barriers to effective stewardship.

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    About stewardship

    The PRI defines stewardship as: “the use of influence by institutional investors to maximise overall long-term value including the value of common economic, social and environmental assets, on which returns and clients’ and beneficiaries’ interests depend.”

  • Active Ownership evolution

    Active Ownership 2.0

    Active Ownership 2.0 is a framework for the more ambitious stewardship needed to deliver against beneficiaries’ interests and improve the sustainability and resilience of the financial system. Under this framework, investors use their influence to shape sustainability outcomes by engaging in more effective and assertive stewardship activities.

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    An introduction to responsible investment: stewardship

    This introductory guide explains the importance and relevance of stewardship within responsible investment and outlines the stewardship tools investors can incorporate into policies, processes and practices.

What we do

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Collaborative engagements

The PRI coordinates collaborative investor engagements on environmental, social and governance issues.

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The PRI aims to support investors during AGM season by promoting ESG-related shareholder resolutions on the Collaboration Platform and through the vote declaration system.


Addressing system barriers

Part of the PRI’s work to promote more effective stewardship and active ownership amongst our signatory base is to address the system and regulatory barriers to stewardship.

Collaboration Platform

PRI Collaboration Platform

The PRI Collaboration Platform is a unique forum that allows PRI signatories to collaborate, to pool resources, share information and enhance their influence on ESG issues. It is also a hub for academics and investors to connect and engage with research.


Issue specific stewardship guides

Check out our stewardship guides to learn more about specific stewardship topics.