The PRI supports signatories to fulfil their obligations as stewards and their commitment to Principle 2. Our work includes providing guidance on best practice stewardship, facilitating key collaborative stewardship initiatives, providing an online platform to host signatories’ own collaborations, and working with signatories and other stakeholders to help overcome regulatory and structural barriers to effective stewardship.


About stewardship

The PRI defines stewardship as: “the use of influence by institutional investors to maximise overall long-term value including the value of common economic, social and environmental assets, on which returns and clients’ and beneficiaries’ interests depend.”


Active Ownership 2.0: the evolution stewardship urgently needs

A framework for the future of stewardship where investors seek outcomes, prioritise systemic sustainability issues, and use collaboration as an integral tool to overcome the collective action problem.

What we do

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Collaborative engagements

The PRI coordinates collaborative investor engagements on environmental, social and governance issues.

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The PRI aims to support investors during AGM season by promoting ESG-related shareholder resolutions on the Collaboration Platform and through the vote declaration system.


Addressing system barriers

Part of the PRI’s work to promote more effective stewardship and active ownership amongst our signatory base is to address the system and regulatory barriers to stewardship.


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A practical guide to active ownership in listed equity

This report outlines concrete steps to make active ownership an effective tool to support long-term value creation in listed equity investing.

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ESG engagement for fixed income investors: managing risks, enhancing returns

The PRI, Hermes Investment Management and M&G discuss ESG engagement among fixed income investors.

collaborative engagement

Introductory guide to collaborative engagement

Engagement is the process through which investors use their influence to encourage companies they invest in to improve their management of ESG issues.

Issue specific engagement guides