Filing shareholder proposals

Shareholder proposals are an important corporate engagement mechanism. They allow investors to use their formal rights as owners to publicly and transparently escalate important matters, and directly interact with a company’s board.


A guide to filing impactful shareholder resolutions


This paper guides investors as to how they can use shareholder proposals to drive improvements at investee companies on matters related to ESG issues. The paper offers practical suggestions to ensure that proposals are effective and impactful.


You’ve filed a shareholder proposal - what now?


By Chloe Horne, Stewardship Specialist, PRI

Country-specific factsheets

These country-specific factsheets provide an overview of the key legal and technical processes related to filing a shareholder proposal in eight key markets: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, South Africa, the UK and the US

The PRI Resolution Database

The PRI Resolution Database is a publicly accessible database of ESG-related resolutions and vote, which can be used to easily highlight and find upcoming AGM votes, as well as to track the results of key proposals that have been voted on. The PRI also offers its signatories the ability to pre-declare their voting intentions on resolutions and votes.