Our driving meaningful data approach

PRI anticipates the investors will have a multi-faceted need for meaningful ESG data in the future – supporting both risk and return investment decision-making and assessing the sustainability performance of corporate entities.

The increased recognition of the role of responsible investors in shaping sustainability outcomes as concepts of relevance to financial markets is forcing a reconsideration of the types of decisions they need to make, and “decision-useful” data needed to support them. For many investors and PRI signatories, the effect of ESG risks on individual investees’ financial positions is still their greatest concern. However, rising awareness of the need to analyse and understand sustainability performance in the context of social and environmental outcomes, leads us to think more broadly about what data is needed, in what form and for what purposes.

The PRI’s Driving Meaningful Data programme will work on the types of data, sources and reporting frameworks needed to support responsible investors. The first step is the publication of PRI’s data framework. The challenge of developing consistent data across all the various units and entities, as well as addressing gaps identified through the framework, will require collaboration with others across the financial and corporate sectors. This includes standard setters, policy makers and regulators, and other key stakeholders. The PRI will have an important role in working with our signatories to provide a clear signal on their data needs, how they aid decision-making and understanding their contribution towards sustainability objectives.

Contact at PRI
Morgan Slebos: morgan.slebos@unpri.org