Since the launch of our ten-year Blueprint for responsible investment three years ago, we’ve seen the beginning of a significant shift in momentum when it comes to responsible investment. Uptake of ESG investing has begun to accelerate as responsible investment philosophies and practices have both moved toward the mainstream and begun to mature.

Achieving the Blueprint agenda

While there is clearly still much more to be done to achieve our mission, today for the first time, we’re beginning to be able to widen our focus and thinking on sustainability.

In the face of the pandemic, it’s clear that achieving the Blueprint agenda is more important than ever. And it’s against this backdrop of uncertainty but also of momentum, that we’re preparing to launch our next three-year strategy.

Getting feedback on our strategy

PRI’s new strategy is, most importantly, driven by our signatories—by what brings them value and advances our shared vision of the future. We received invaluable input and insight from our signatories, which we’ve mapped back to our Blueprint. Through this lens, we’ve developed a draft strategy, which will be under signatory consultation from 21 October until 4 December 2020.

We encourage signatories to read and provide feedback on our strategy described in the PRI Strategic Plan 2021-24 consultation paper.


As a signatory-based organisation, the PRI encourages all signatories to participate actively in its governance and strategic direction. Before adopting a three-year strategic plan, the PRI must hold a formal consultation with signatories.

We encourage feedback from signatories on this plan. As you read about the work we have outlined in the PRI Strategic Plan 2021-24, we hope you’ll think about whether this strategy represents the right level of ambition for the PRI, whether the work described will bring you value, whether you support us increasing our focus on connecting financial risk with real-world outcomes, and if you think there’s anything we’ve missed.

The PRI is inviting feedback via webinars and an online survey.

The PRI Board will meet on 7 December to review feedback received from signatories. The PRI will publish a summary of the feedback received from signatories and a formal response to this feedback from the PRI Board. The PRI will launch the new strategy on 1 April 2021.


As part of this consultation, two webinars took place on the 3rd of November at 8:00 and 17:00 GMT. During these webinars, the PRI’s Nathan Fabian, Chief Responsible Investment Officer, and Lorenzo Saa, Chief Signatory Relations Officer briefed signatories on the proposed 2021-24 strategy plan and offered signatories the opportunity to give their feedback.

Watch webinar

Online survey

The strategic plan sets out how we intend to take the next step in delivering our Blueprint for responsible investment. Signatories were encouraged to give feedback on the plan and the strengthened minimum requirements.

The survey has now closed, but you can view the questions we asked in these languages: English, French, Spanish,Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese.

Board reply

As this is a formal consultation at the end of the survey period the PRI will provide:

  • a response from the PRI Board;
  • a summary of results of the online survey; and
  • the full responses by all responding signatories as an appendix.

Formal PRI Board response to follow.