The PRI is looking for signatories to join its asset class and asset owner guidance advisory committees.

These committees are critical to providing advice on the development of PRI guidance on ESG integration and stewardship across multiple asset classes and issues. Members play an important role in sharing their industry expertise to ensure guidance is fit for purpose. These committees also provide important feedback on broader programmes such as the PRI reporting framework and matters such as the PRI’s approach to issues - for instance, biodiversity.

We are excited to be looking for new members across a number of these committees (see list below). Successful applicants will work alongside (and learn from) other industry leaders and, through their advice and discussions, help influence industry practices.

We are looking for members to:

  • Start from January 2024 for a minimum three-year term
  • Commit to four 90-minute Microsoft Teams calls per year in January, April, June/July, and September
  • Have capacity to prepare for and contribute to committee meetings actively, and deliver any required follow-up actions
  • Be employed at a PRI signatory and have demonstrated proactive interest and a history of engagement with responsible investment work programmes.

The individual Terms of Reference (linked below) provide a full list of commitments and responsibilities, as well as detailed information on the function and governance of the committees.

There are currently openings across the following:

  • Listed Equity Advisory Committee (LEAC)
  • Sovereign Debt Advisory Committee (SDAC)
  • Sub-Sovereign Debt Advisory Committee (SSDAC)
  • Securitised Products Advisory Committee (SPAC)
  • Private Equity Advisory Committee (PEAC)
  • Private Debt Advisory Committee (PDAC)
  • Infrastructure Advisory Committee (IAC) - openings for asset owner signatories only
  • Hedge Funds Advisory Committee (HFAC)
  • Asset Owner Technical Advisory Committee (AOTAC)

We would particularly like to encourage signatories located in emerging markets and in the Asia-Pacific regions to apply. We will strive to ensure calls are not regularly at unsociable hours for signatories located in global time zones. We also welcome applications from asset owners with specific interest in, or knowledge of, each asset class to help us develop asset class guidance that is valuable to both asset owners and asset managers.

To apply, please complete this application form by Friday 24th November at the latest.

Apply now

If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact Daram Pandian ([email protected]).