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PRI Board Chair, Martin Skancke, and PRI Chief Executive Officer, David Atkin, introduce the PRI 2023 Annual Report and 2023 Board Report.

  • PRI_AR_2023_PRI_In_a_Chaning_World

    PRI in a Changing World

    Understanding signatory views on the changing expectations of responsible investors, and how the PRI might adapt to better support our signatories.

  • PRI_AR_2023_Enhancing_How_We_Operate

    Enhancing how we operate

    Evolving our operating model in line with delivering the priorities that signatories have outlined.

  • PRI_AR_2023_Executive_Team

    Executive team

    Introducing the PRI’s executive team, responsible for ensuring that the PRI continues to realise its mission statement.


Strengthening our value proposition

A number of major initiatives over the past 12 months have contributed to an overall assessment of our value proposition.

If you would like an offline copy of the PRI Annual Report 2023, you can download it as a pdf: